DC electronic dummy load 

DC electronic dummy load 

power supply

          MOD. DL10

Very useful and reliable system to simulate wide range load for testing power supply.
Used for testing and developing devices and power circuit from some mA to 10A of load.
Main application fields are: power supply burnin, quality test, chemical experiments, technical reports.
The DL10 has two sharp digital meters (amperometer and voltmeter with good resolution), constant voltage and current programming, two resistance range values (large and fine), continuous adjustable control.
Full electronic system, remote control bus built-in.


 Range 0-40V DC max
 Load limit 0-10A (400W)
 Digital meters V+A
 Metering precision +/-100mA +/-100mV
 Resistance programmable value 0,2 min. 50 Ohm max
 Mode constant current or constant resistance
 Power supply 220V AC 6,5VA
 Environment temperature 0-40 C
 Weight 2,4 kg

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